Round 1 of the Main Event, Black Rock Shooter vs. Dead Master.

To quickly sum up events in episode 4, Koha had forgotten what happened with the boy she confessed to and Kagari seeks closure with Yomi. Kagari shows a bit more memory of her past, but overall it’s an interesting catch to what I initially thought of as just a happy way of ending her moments in the first couple of episodes. I originally was only giving the show credit for how the two worlds connect, but they’re making a stride or two in other spots. Black Rock Shooter killing the others is getting rid of the dark half and the memories that come along with it, thus why Kohata has pretty much forgotten her part.

The plethora of action in episode 5 was awesome.


Black Rock Shooter vs. Dead Master is basically porno for BRS fans, and damn it was the best moment of BRS so far. Pictures will look cool, but ya gotta see it in action. Round 1 as I’ll call it was pretty awesome in all segments.

How this connects to the school world: Yomi was pretty insufferable in episode 4, but she goes off the deep end with randomly cutting her hair in class and adding some blood to the painting of Mato under her eyes. The timing was perfect for Yuu to send Mato in, which has activated Insane Black Rock Shooter.

It's very interesting as to how Yuu doesn't cast a shadow.

Yuu is also aware of the connection between the different worlds and characters, even enough so to send Mato to the other world. I checked back in episodes 1 & 2 to see if there was any foreshadowing of her and Saya saying any one line that might lead to knowledge of the other world, but there really isn’t aside from one minor thing: the lack of a shadow.


Nice flop, Mato. Manu Ginobili would be proud.

In one very brief shot of episode 1, they show Yuu’s feet as she runs to catch up with Mato. It’s quick and zoomed in, but under similar sunsetting, she has no shadow. I’ve felt that Saya both knows and understands the other world, but I never pondered the idea that perhaps she’s something more than just a woman who’s aware and knows ways in which she can control the other world. With memories of Yuu being erased, it’s as though she doesn’t truly belong with Mato and everyone else. The potential idea that Strength is the original and Yuu is the “other self” really has me thinking.

LOL J/K You can live... for now!

Yuu has quickly taken on a level of intrigue that I could have never seen coming with her. She showed signs of knowing about the other world when she met with Saya this episode, and memories of her had been erased from all of Mato’s friends. I really like this approach to her character as opposed to the OVA, which made it seem like she was headed toward jealousy. Yuu has always been tied to Strength, who we saw throw Chariot down a pit in episode 4. Exactly what that means I have no clue. With Saya/Black Gold Saw planting that sadness into Yomi from episode 4, Black Rock Shooter was fighting alone. With Yuu/Strength on her side, the playing field has been evened.

She's just making some edits to Okada's composition.

This episode is the series’ best. Further explanation of the two worlds and how they connect add to the main part of the series I’ve praised, that connect factor. I don’t feel the show does foreshadowing well at all and some things seem arbitrary, but I’ve found a couple of things here and there interesting about the normal world and it’s supplementing the other world well enough. I can at least give the show props for that. And as I already mentioned, BRS vs. DM was excellent.

Black Rock Shooter has cracked. Insane Mode has been initiated.