I wanted to get back into Fairy Tail, since I stopped after our server crashed for over a week, but I wanted to wait until the end of the arc. Technically there is still one episode before it officially ends, but with Canna finally telling Gildarts that he is her father this is a great point to stop. Plus I was curious what was going to happen and read a couple of spoilers and I am excited at what is about to happen. When I left off at episode 115, Ezra had just defeated Azuma and the Fairy Tail members regained their magic, which lead to a quick defeat of both Bluenote and Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Ultear’s maliciousness had been uncovered by Gray. Gray rescued Juvia and punched the crap out of Ultear. Now this is where I begin…


So far this is easily the best fight of the arc. Ultear breaking out Ice magic after Gray started using his own blood was pretty sick. The ending of the fight though lacked majorly. Ultear falling into the ocean and getting memories of her mother because she became “one” with the sea almost made me fall out of my chair. How many trillions of gallons of water the ocean is and she is able to get memories from her mother? It seemed kind of like a desperate way to get Ultear to see the light. Even still the overall Ultear v. Gray fight was pretty good. However, it was the back story of Ultear which proved to be the most interesting part of the episode. I was wondering what happened to Ultear since Ul didn’t seem like the type to abandon her daughter. It was heart breaking to watch Ul break down the way she did. I really liked how Brain was the mastermind behind it all. It adds more depth to the story by integrating previous characters and their plots into the story.


Laxus doubles as a glow stick.


For an old guy, he has quite a bit of spunk.


The last fight of the arc was the Fairy Tail team vs. Master Hades and that was a great fight. I liked how overwhelmingly strong Hades was. He pretty much stopped Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Ezra, and Wendy in their tracks. It was a good showing of force and it did a good job of showing that there are a lot of very powerful wizards out there. The best part was when Laxus showed up at the end. It was kind of obvious he would show up after they hinted at him realizing there was trouble when Makrov got beaten, but none the less his arrival was pretty awesome. I was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t really accomplish much in the fight. Natsu gaining his powers at the end of the episode set it up for a good finish, but overall the end of the fight was the worst part. Fairy Tail seems to have two endings in the final fights: A) Natsu Gets help by absorbing a new power & B) They team up for a last ditch combo. Many of the arcs have ended that way so I am kind of hoping it is a trend that will end sooner than later. Even still, I enjoyed the fight.


Gildarts is quite the ladies man~

The after fight battle stuff was hilarious. It was funny watching Natsu except the others giving up on the trails and proclaiming that he should become an S-Class. It was a great way to draw the arc to an end. The more touching part was watching Cana tell Gildarts that she was his daughter. I was expecting a bit more comedy in it, ie, I was expecting Gildarts to yell, “Call me PAPA!” That would’ve been great, but the more touching hug was better. One thing that I am still wondering about is whether or not Zeref’s dark magic is actually Dragon Slayer magic. We get a shadowy look at Acnologia and it looks like a Dragon! That would be kind of cool, but it could just be more of Zeref’s magic. He did create Deliora and that was a big powerful demon monster, so him having another more powerful one wouldn’t be too surprising. Either way I am looking forward to what is going to happen next.


Overall the arc was fantastic. Easily one of the best, if not the best, to date. I was a bit unsure about how this arc would pan out, but with the introduction to Zeref and with such intense battles from all our favorite Fairy Tail members it turned out quite well. I liked how some of them didn’t even win their battles, leaving others to have to take over. It creates a more balanced world that shows that people can still lose. Take the other major Shounen series and you’ll find that almost never happening. Also it has set up for future arcs as now we have Zeref on the lose and ready to punish world. Also, again I won’t spoil it for you, but what I read that happens next is going to be down right epic.

Since I missed so many episodes I compiled a large gallery for all to enjoy~ It is really large, almost 300 images, so instead of including it in this post here is a link to our Google+ Gallery.