Haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been sick and I’ve been working on a bigger project soon to come, but I still wanted to fill in the lack of posting with something. This playlist is just of videos that I’ve had stored up for awhile and decided to just dump them all in one post.

1) Battlefield 3 – Jet Swap

This is a pretty awesome video of a guy who ejects from his jet, snipes the guy in the jet chasing him, then jacks it! There really is no good way to describe this, but it makes me super jealous because it is such an epic move. I could only just imagine if you were the guy sniped that you’d be yelling hack or something. Stungravy has other pretty awsome stunt videos as well, so I recommend that you check them all out.

2) Playing SSX without touching the controller

This is a major fail by EA. SSX has been popular, but if you can beat courses without touching the controller, then it is kind of lame. The fact that he gets into monster tricks and even gets 3rd place without touching the controler is even more of an insult. It is still funny to watch though.

3) Trolling on MW3

Maybe I find this more funny because I am a CoD fanboy, but it is hilarious watching this guy mess with another person. I could only imagine how pissed I would be if I was the one getting trolled. Even still, it is always best to play CoD with a light heart. It is more fun when you can just relax and enjoy the game. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of infection just because it is fun running around trying to not get infected.

4) Superman vs Hulk – The Fight (Part 2)

For those who don’t know, Superman and Hulk are in two different universes so for them to fight it would take a fan made video and this fan delivered the goods. He has a promising future and 3D animation because this video looks good. Personally, I believe the Hulk would kick Superman’s ass. Sure Superman is faster, but the Hulk gets stronger as he gets angrier. Superman would end up getting beat to death like he did vs Doomsday, which is just a big grey version of the Hulk. I am only including part 2 because 1 is shorter and not as good. If you still want to watch in click here.

5) Real life Ussop’s Kabuto

Someone actually built Ussop’s weapon… I’ll admit it, at first I thought it was kind of dumb, but after I watched the video I was somewhat jealous of it. It is way more dangerous than I thought. I actually want to go make one now, although, my track record with dangerous projectiles isn’t good. I’ve shoot out 3 windows and hit my friend in the face with a paintball. So it is probably best for me to steer clear of this.

6) Louis C.K. – Give It A Second

If you don’t know who Louis C.K. is, then you are missing out on one of the better comedians of our time. Although I didn’t find his show on FX all that funny. Still his stand up is great. Here is a good lesson for all those impatient people out there. I do get frustrated with people who just can’t wait a minute for things to load. It is a bit off topic for our site, but it is still really funny.