It has been seven years and we get a good look at what Fairy Tail has become. It really wasn’t too surprising to find so few members left. It was interesting seeing their new looks. Macano looks like a serious old man now. I don’t think Kanna is going to have any more feelings toward an old dude like that. Romeo looks pretty cool, but he is pretty weak looking. Was interesting to see a black flame come from him. I am not too surprised considering how much he looked up to Natsu that he became a flame magician. I am curious to see what other kinds of magic he has. I kind of hope he doesn’t become too much of a main character since he is so weak. Alzack got a more cool make over, but the big news with him is that he apparently got married to Bisca. Not too surprising though since they’ve pretty much been a couple all this time. Droy and Nab got fat, while Reedus went on weight watchers. Other than that the only other thing to say is DAMN~ Laki and Kinana got hawt! To be honest, I didn’t really remember much about Kinana so I looked her up and she has a lot more history than what has been revealed in the anime.


Despite the name "Mavis," she is one cute girl~ <3 No wonder Makarov joined Fairy Tail.

We finally got a reveal at who it was that saved everyone. I kind of figured it was Mavis because there was a few hints here and there that Mavis was a girl, despite having a guy name. It was curious that it was just a “ghost” though. I wondered if Mavis was actually a Fairy or something. It is cool that they all got back together in the end. I look forward to seeing how they build Fairy Tail back up from the ashes. I also am curious at how they are going to adapt to the new world.

A happy Romeo is much better than an emo Romeo.

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