This week Amuro and steev are joined by Overcooled from MetaVerse to discuss the latest PS4 rumors, and talk about the Persona 4 and Rinne no Lagrange anime finales.


Guest: Overcooled (Metanorn) (Twitter)

News Discussion

  • Playstation 4 rumors: (Kotaku) (IGN)
  • Why Soul Calibur V only has 1/4th of a story mode (Kotaku)

Quick Hits

  • The average Xbox user is online for 84 hours a month, gaming for half of it
  • Sega of America gets hit with layoffs and restructuring
  • EA is a “Worst Company in America” semi-finalist!
  • The Tokyo Anime Fair Attendance down by 25%
  • To-Love-Ru Darkness Anime announced
  • There might be a second season of Daily Lives of High School Boys
  • NIS America licenses Ano Hana and is slated to be released on July 3rd
  • Persona 4’s 10th volume to include “True End Episode,” that will release Aug. 22nd
  • An OVA episode to be released with the 6th volume of the Kore wa Zombie manga.
  • Resident Evil manga to debut on June 8th

Lawl of the Week

  • A local ABC News has learned  that people use curse words on Xbox Live (Kotaku)


  • Persona 4 the Animation Discussion
  • Rinne no Lagrange Discussion

Bonus Content!

I think your swagger might also be effecting guys... :O


  • Intro: “Bunny Days” by Milky Bunny
  • Insert: “Heaven” by Shoji Meguro (Persona 4 OST)
  • Ending: “Pistol” by Acid Black Cherry