Violence and action, is there anything more you need in an anime? Zetman’s first episode has done a good job in setting up the world and the rest of the series. I was disappointed in the edited violence in the first episode. I am hoping it doesn’t get too obvious like in Blood-C. If it does go that route this anime will start to suck fast. I will say that I enjoyed the action scenes, but the quality did dip when they started them. Not sure if they are trying to get a style from it or if it is a budget issue. The action was pretty brief in this episode, so hopefully more will be coming down the line. I noticed in the preview that it will be jumping several years, which is good because I prefer a more adult themed series.

Jin is a very likable character in my opinion, albeit, he does kind of stink of the generic simpleminded yet strong shounen lead. I might not have liked him as much, but I enjoyed the emotional toll this episode brought on his character. Right away we have tragedy and which made me a bit teary eyed. There definitely will be more drama to come as well, so I am kind of excited about that. I also liked Akemi quite a bit, not just because of the nudity, but because it seems she will have an interesting past. As for the other characters, it is too hard for me to say yet. The girl cried too much and her brother just seemed to get angry quite a bit. Anyway, I am excited about this series and am hoping good things will come from it.

Uncensored blu-ray releases can't come soon enough~ <3

Wha... Might not want to piss off the kid whose granddad you just killed.

What did I just say?

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