I was thinking about a show to highlight on Anivision for Spring with the many Google+ Galleries going. I had planned on either Eureka 7 AO or a noitaminA show, then this series that I’d payed very little attention to popped up. steev covered all you need to know about production, etc. in the preview.

White Fox’s animation isn’t astonishing, comparable to an extent to their previous series Steins;Gate, but the artistic style of the series looks great with a realistic/grainy tone and the action sequence on the highway was high-octane which is what I’m expecting plenty of in the series. CG cars look better than most anime since there’s a bit of sheen on the cars rather than just flat-textures, but we still have a ways to go before anime CG cars look like Gran Turismo or Forza.

The cold open I assume is a media in res situation, but the first episode was primarily just mission business. I’ve read that there’s supposed to be an overarching story with Jormungand throughout the 11 volumes/2 seasons. At the end of this episode Koko mentions going to another city, which sounds like a really cool way to keep the series fresh with new sights and sounds. Speaking of sounds, great OP/ED and the OST really stood out to me.

Shizuka Itou is great as the very lively Koko Hektmatyer who should be an entertaining lead character this season. She’s good for a couple laughs and also can get down and dirty when the scene calls for it. Might be weird to see someone so upbeat like her in her profession. She is the star, but I’m liking the squad aspect and how everyone else was introduced; Valmet specifically should have some cool action scenes.

Jonah’s story is barely touched upon, but surely more to come soon. He hates guns but carries them; I kind of like that contradiction not just with his own character, but also how Koko thinks of what she’s doing as a method toward world peace. Brings to mind the whole Gun Control debate.

Koko has given these guys the signal to go loco... oh no!

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