New month, new DLC for us Elite subscribers. The new maps are out and I most say, they are the best of the maps. I feel like I am saying that every month, but what I am seeing is a trend that the maps keep getting better and better. Unfortunately there is no Rob Riggle ad this time around. Personally, he is one of my favorite part of the new DLC, so I hope they didn’t stop doing them all together. Next month should be a big month because they will be dropping, not 1 or 2 maps, but a whopping 4 maps! I am much more excited about that, but for now let me get to the latest two editions: Sanctuary and Foundation!


This is has easily become one of my favorite maps in all of Modern Warfare 3. Unlike the other maps released, this one lacks verticality so you won’t have to worry too much about being shot from high, but there are a lot of tricky paths. The level is mainly divided into two areas because of a large crevasse in the middle of the map. When it comes to weapon selection, this is one of the most versatile maps. There are plenty of long, medium, and short ranges in this map. I even found running around with a shotgun can be effective as long as you make use of the shortcuts and hidden paths. The best way to play this map is to learn those paths so you can navigate the map while keeping yourself out of sight. There is a lot of cover in this map too so using it effectively, whether it is to fire safely from or to keep yourself hidden, will prove to be the winning factor in this map. While I can’t say any mode will be better than the other for this map, what I can say is that Search and Destroy will be the most fun mode.

Also if you want to add ambiance while you play, every time you enter the Church you should sing the Halo theme. Ah-Ha-Ah-Oh-Aaaaah.


This is also a very good map, but it is also the hardest of the two. What makes this map both good and hard is the fact that most of the walls that divide areas of the map can be climbed up on. Plus this is a small-ish map with quite a bit of verticality, so you can see large portions of the map from higher ground. The only way to be good at this map is to keep a watchful eye. This makes both camping and attacking a lot harder because bullets can come from a variety of locations. Keeping mobile is probably your best option, but rushing around too much can get you into a tough spot. Staying in one place too long will get you overrun or shot from a distance. Because of those long range sight lines and having to keep mobile assault rifles are the ideal weapon. Sniper Riffles might also prove to be effective, but again staying in one place will prove to be tricky so I don’t see you getting massive kill streaks unless you keep shifting positions. This map is best for killing modes because defense will be tricky. Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch will be the ideal modes.