That rap is going to stick around. Other than the rapping, the music is pretty good in Jormungand.¬†Also, Koko is an arms dealer. Not sure if you caught that during the episode, or the plot description. In fairness, it’s just episode 2 and we do get mention of her father being a well-known person.

I kind of feel like this conversation with Jonah plays into a bit of what she said last episode about selling guns for world peace. Though she mentions that the Americans didn’t seem to have enough money, I don’t portray her as a money-hungry dealer. I think she only sells when she finds a true benefit in it. That doesn’t directly mean aligning herself with people to end conflicts, but having such a unique moral code on selling weapons seems to lend itself to better overall results as we saw on the news the next day about the conflict ending. Koko can be a bit silly, but it goes to show why she’s so high-ranking at HLCI.

Yuri Time

In addition to getting to enjoy Koko’s face nestled in her bosom for a moment, Valmet did get to impress in action with her knife. Besides a bit of gun-shooting at the end, the knife fight was the only action scene we got this week and it was a brief but cool scene. Valmet has a rough past as much as Mildred squeezes out of her in their conversation (and also judging from the eyepatch). I think of the squad members in Koko’s group, she and Lem will have the most character development, maybe more as the series progresses. Right now, they’re the two with the most attention and lines early on.

Yes, now that's a knife. Doesn't mean you can beat Valmet so easily.

We knew that Koko and her group weren’t gonna keep working with Mr. Currie and the CCAT, but the way that they handled it at the end was kind of funny and clever, as if the record scratched when she called to drop all weapons. Jonah’s laughing looked a little awkward in that scene, but if anything, he’s come quite a long way in such a short time in terms of appearing like less of an emo kid with a gun. He certainly still has it within him, but it’s such an odd scene to see him giggle as he did (then quickly fall into embarrassment) and nice for him to appear like a person as opposed to only a killing machine.

I’m divided on the comedic element. It’s silly and weird and I worry that one of Koko’s main character traits may have worn thin already on me. Not all of the few comedic moments were bad, it’s just that for me, a couple of times the comedy inserted itself during strange timing. I’d prefer a little more subtlety in the that department, especially considering the prime aspect of the series being an action, war drama anime.

These are decent episodes to break us in, and I really like how things looked between not just eps. 1 and 2, but how 3’s preview looks in a different locale.

Weekly Jormungand Terms:
SAM – Surface-to-Air Missiles (Polluck must not know of the killstreak rewards.)
MI-24 – Hind E (Snake: “A Hind E? What about Hind D?”)

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