I roll like Pantsu. Sitting around with out pants working on Anivision.

Hello everyone! If you haven’t noticed, over the last week we have had several little changes when it comes to the website. A few design changes and some overall tweaks that will allow Anivision to run smoother, especially on those of you using IE still. I was really trying to streamline the look a bit more and fix the various bugs that I noticed. Also if you use the mobile site, I also refurbished the look there a bit more too.

The biggest change is our brand new comment system, Disqus! Breaking away from the old standard comment system that every blog uses, we are now using a more global system. Many sites use it and all of the accounts are linked by one account you can create. For those of you that are use to the old system, no worries. You don’t have to register a new account, you can keep posting the way you’ve always done it. However, making an account has its advantages. It can link all your accounts for an easier way to find out when people have replied to you. That way you can respond quicker and have a great discussion with someone. If you have replied to a comment here in the past, your comment has been imported to Disqus already so if you do create an account, it will find all your previous comments!

We really would like to know what you think of the changes and what you think of the new comment system. We want your input and if you recommend something or have constructive criticism we will listen and see what we can do to work on a better site for all to enjoy.

Finally, we’ve got some good things coming down the line for Anivision! A good friend of the site is working on a way to refurbish the Galleries on our site. He is working to make it so you can view galleries by Category and even Search in them! When all is said and done, our galleries will be looking better than ever!