Jonah’s Development – In the Classroom & On the Battlefield

Being a boy soldier, Jonah probably hasn’t been cracking open any educational books. I hope he knows how many bullets are in 3 clips of ammo, because “a lot” will not cut it. While he ditched class, he learned something important on the battlefield…

Lehm became my favorite character far and away with his talk to Jonah after reeling him in. Enoshima Bowl! (I watched Tsuritama before this)

There was no sugarcoating whatsoever in his statements; he told Jonah exactly what he wanted to say and to cut the bullshit out and start training. I’m cool with Jonah as a character, but watching him get verbally disciplined like that on the battlefield was a great scene. Not many characters like Lehm have the opportunity (or balls) to tell it like it is. Through episodes 1 & 3, I see Lehm perhaps being as instrumental to Jonah’s development as Koko is, in similar and different ways.

Chinatsu the “Commando” Assassin

No-pan Chinatsu. How free she must feel in that moment.

While we don’t know the guy’s name yet, “Orchestra” are the first bad guys that we really get to spend some time with. They don’t seem to be worth exploring since their characters are so animated (guy is obsessed with bullets as music and Chinatsu walks around without panties on). I see them in the way I saw a number of Black Lagoon baddies: over-the-top characters that are fun for a good couple episodes blowing shit up and spewing out ridiculous quotes about righteousness or whatever. Ideal bad guys to warm us up to how multi-episode arcs will play out, and enemies becoming progressively more intriguing.


That's just some terrible shooting. Jonah's lucky to be alive.

The action scene this episode really didn’t sit well with me from the very start. There’s a number of things to point out. First, Lehm had the easiest shot ever, but we know anime and other forms of entertainment take the hard path. Second, Jonah charging and neither him or the bad guy taking a bullet. Third, hiding behind tables seemed to be more effective than riot shields. For a series that I’m expecting quite a bit from in terms of action and at least a minor bit of “realism” (by anime standards), the scene just kept doing things that took me out of being excited.

Valmet – She’s loco for Koko


“Here’s an opportunity to get an angle on her breast in the airport scene. If Valmet’s there, fanservice opportunities exist.” – White Fox Studios, and me and you if we were in charge of this anime.

A lot of action girls in anime are tough and are given rough pasts to fit the bill, but very few actually look the part as Valmet does in Jormungand. We know from the OP shot that she’s muscular, but we actually see more of her size in this episode and she is built like someone who’s been through hell and back with whatever her past consists of. It’s a damn shame she took a bullet and was knocked out, though maybe she can still do something.

Valmet certainly is nice to look at, but she’s also adorable to watch trying to woo over Koko. Though my yuri dreams may not come to fruition, a little victory was had for Valmet when Koko decided to have Jonah stay in the classroom.


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