Over the past year plus, I’ve been pushed by many of my Anivision/Metanorn/Twitter people to check out a number of anime series that I either haven’t gotten to look at or actively/selfishly passed on. I’m true to myself and my own anime watching habits to a fault, which is why I put it in the hands of readers like you to pick which of these shows I should watch.

I’ve got 4 choices that seem most prominent to me and they’re all very different from each other which I didn’t realize until drafting this post. It’s possible that I could watch all of them eventually, but for now let’s focus on what show #1 should be.

I’ll do a written review here in 2-3 weeks time once I’ve finished the series.

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Ano Natsu de Matteru

J.C. Staff, 12 Episodes

Why I think I should: Apparently the series is well-paced and there’s no Kimi ni Todoke dilly-dallying with the confessions and romance. The alien thing is also of interest and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Lemon as a character.


BONES, 11 Episodes

Why I think I should: I think there’s something a little deeper to Un-Go than what I might’ve seen early on. I was focused on how easy the mysteries were in the first couple of episodes and it’s possible that I missed the point and didn’t accurately recognize the show’s subject matter about the effects on Japan following a recent war.

 Giant Killing

Studio DEEN, 25 Episodes

Why I think I should: My impression of ep. 1 wasn’t favorable back when it first aired, but since then I’ve gotten into the sport of soccer. Kyokai and most recently Caraniel have talked about how they love the show. It also seems like a mature story rather than kiddy stuff.


A1 Pictures, 26 Episodes (2 seasons)

Why I think I should: I guess the show is really funny. Comedies aren’t exactly my favorite genre of anime, but the ones that make me laugh are very memorable in my book.