This week the hosts undergo some Q & Anivision, talk about the Nexus 7 tablet, ponder why Crystal Dynamics doesn’t know what the word “rape” means, and review the latest Ghibli film, From Up on Poppy Hill.


 News Discussion

  • Nexus 7 (Gizmodo)
  • Viz to have 24-hour anime network “Neon Alley” on major console (ANN)

Quick Hits

  • Black Ops 2 to feature a completely new create a class system
  • Dead or Alive 5 gets new character Rig
  • The Last of Us Campaign is single player only
  • Square Enix won’t develop any more big games themselves
  • Crunchyroll to get streaming app for PS3
    • Will simulcast a bunch of anime including Sword Art Online & Tari Tari
  • Right Stuf licenses Aoi Hana, Hyakka and Ristorante Paridiso
  • A “completely” new Hayate the Combat Butler anime slated for fall with Manglobe
  • Utena manga creator to launch “Trans-sexual” manga called Torikae Baya
  • Voice actress Yuko Goto expects to leave hospital in August
  • Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes get divorced

Lawl of the Week

  • Tomb Raider creators don’t know what ‘rape’ means (Kotaku)


  • Q & Anivision
    • What innovation do you think the next generation of gaming will bring with it?
    • Will tablets and smartphones have a major impact console gaming?
    • Are new IPs better than sequels?
    • Do we watch entertainment on our consoles?
    • Will physical media die?
  • From Up on Poppy Hill

Bonus Content!

Jrow’s Setup:


steev’s Setup:


Amuro’s Setup:


Xcom’s Setup:


  • Intro: “Borderland” by Mami Kawada (Jormungand)
  • Insert: “Rock n Roll Boobs” by Taku Iwasaki. (Jormungand)
  • Ending: “Sayonara no Natsu” by Teshima Aoi (From Up on Poppy Hill)
  • BGM: Jormungand OST & From Up on Poppy Hill OST