Commercial: Method to Madness

Quick Hits

  • Final Fantasy XIII Versus has been cancelled.
  • “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Saga New Developments” presentation scheduled for September 1st
  • R&C: Full Frontal Assault to add Co-op MP and Tower Defense modes
  • Latest MW3 update to make MW3’s lag comp match MW2
  • Resident Evil: Damnation coming to video September 25th
  • Eureka Seven AO Hybrid Disc featuring a game & OVA announced for September 20 release
  • The Naruto Manga will be ending… in the distant future!

Lawl of the Week


  • End of Season Wrap-Up
    • Fate Zero, Kore wa Zombie?! of the DEAD, Medaka Box, Sankarea, Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, Upotte!!, Nazo no Kanojou X, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Jormungand, Tsuritama, Sakamichi no Apollon, Aquarion EVOL
  • On Going:
    • Accel World, Eureka Seven AO, Hyouka, The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, Space Bros


  • Intro: “White Justice” by Faylan (Gundam AGE)
  • Insert: “Above Your Hand Instrumental” by Annabel (Sankarea
  • Ending: “Confession” by Angela Aki (Space Brothers)
  • BGM: Sakarea OST