On the final episode of Alien Week, Amuro and steev are regroup with Jrow as they discuss Aliens in Video Games, giving their Top 5 Alien Video Games, and they discuss Humanoid vs. Non-Humanoid Aliens.



  • Aliens in Video Games
    • What Alien species would you want to live with?
      • If you could select one alien as a sidekick which would it be?
    • Favorite Alien Race?
    • Halo vs. Resistance
    • Top 5 List: Best Alien Video Games
  • Aliens in Anime
    • Humanoid Aliens vs. Non-Humanoid Aliens


  • Ending: “Escape” by Hemenway (Eureka Seven AO)
  • BGM: Halo Reach OST

Extra Content! (The Halo Fails video Jrow was talking about.)