This week the Anivision hosts gather at Jrow’s place to discuss the latest rumors about the next gen Xbox and PlayStation, Xcom and steev talk about their completed New Years Challenges, and the hosts draft their own fantasy teams.


In The News

  • Sony and Microsoft might be announcing next gen consoles before E3 (IGN)
    • Former AMD exec leaks info of the next gen consoles. (IGN)
    • Steam Box becoming a standard, not a Valve-backed
  • Obama asks congress to  commission violent games study (IGN)
  • Dead Island Riptide’s collectors edition gets quick backlash
  • DLC characters for PS All-Stars (Kat & Emmett) coming February 12th
  • DOA5+ coming March 19th, has online cross-play with PS3 / 60 fps
  • Ghost in the Shell Arise anime announced for 2013
  • Aniplex USA to release Nisemonogatari & OreImo in late February

Lawl of the Week

  • Mantai Te’o has a Fake Girlfriend (Gawker)



  • Intro: “Breakthrough” by Going Under Ground (Fairy Tail)
  • Insert: “Moonwalk” by Monobright (Gintama)
  • Ending: “Sarari” by Suneohair (Sukitee Ii na yo.)
  • BGM: K Volume 1 OST