This week the Anivision hosts gather at Jrow’s place to look at the current next generation rumors, talk about the games they are currently playing, discuss Amuro’s and Jrow’s completed New Year’s Challenges, and issue brand new ones.


News Discussion

  • Next Generation News:
    • PS4 news, likely official announcement on February 20th (IGN)
    • PS4 Rumor: To be priced over 40,000 Yen (Kotaku)
    • Xbox 3 Rumor: Will require an internet connection (IGN)
    • Xbox 3 to have siri like voice control (IGN)
    • Xbox 3 will likely have a Windows 8 inspired interface (IGN)
  • Square-Enix drops into the red (ANN) (Sankaku)

Quick Hits

  • Ouya system to release in June at Amazon and other retailers
  • Sony cuts ties with PS All-Stars dev SuperBot
  • Grand Theft Auto V to release September 17th
  • Killzone: Mercenary on Vita to release September 17th
  • Highschool of the Dead manga to be resumed this Spring
  • Steins;Gate film will premiere April 20th
  • Oriemo’s 2nd season to cover all of the original light novels
  • Apple releases a 128GB iPad for $799
  • Amazon patents “Used” digital Market


  • What are we playing?
    • Ni no Kuni Impressions (Amuro)
    • DCUO Impressions (steev)
    • Xcom and Jrow
    • What aren’t we playing?
  • New Years Challenges Completed
    • Amuro’s Challenge – To Watch Noir
    • Jrow’s Challenge – To Watch a Japanese Drama (Honey and Clover)
  • Issue Valentines Challenges
    • Xcom to steev: Play and review Tera.
    • steev to Xcom: Watch Full Metal Panic!
    • Jrow to Amuro: Watch Mushishi.
    • Amuro to Jrow: Watch Katanagatari.


  • Intro: “Anata Magic” by Monobright (Gintama)
  • Insert: “Coppeila no Hitsugi” by Ali Project (Noir)
  • Ening: “Breakthrough” by Going Under Ground (Fairy Tail)
  • BGM: Noir OST I