This week the Anivision hosts talk about the massive SimCity launch failure, we review Tomb Raider, Jrow discusses his completed challenge of watching Katanagatari and Amuro talks about his completed challenge of watching Mushishi.


steevNote: For some reason the episode says it is 3 hours long if you download it and 59 minutes if you stream it… It really is 66 minutes. It plays fine, just strange times are being read.

News Discussion

  • The Disastrous SimCity Launch
    • Locked games, download issues and server queues mar launch (Kotaku)
      • Unable to claim cities, etc.
    • Hotfix was sent out to disable some non-critical features such as leaderboards
    • EA is adding more servers over the weekend
    • Amazon temporarily stopped selling digital copies of the game
    • EA suspended its marketing of the game
    • The apology… anyone who bought SimCity will get a free EA game on PC (Kotaku)

Quick Hits

  • The Xi3 Piston (unofficial Steam Box) will launch this holiday season for $1000
  • Season 2 of The Walking Dead Game to come out this fall
  • Lost Planet 3 to release June 25th
  • A new Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter was teased at SXSW
  • Media Blasters dropped the Bakuman, Kenshin, and Berserk anime licences
  • It was leaked that the Gintama anime might end this month
  • Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima exclaims, “The anime is not over yet!”


  • Tomb Raider Review
  • Finished Valentines Day Challenges
    • Jrow’s Challenge – To watch Katanagatari
    • Amuro’s Challenge – To watch Mushishi


  • Intro: “The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Kerr (Mushishi)
  • Insert: “Adventure Found Me” by Jason Graves (Tomb Raider)
  • Ending: “Akashi” by Annabel (Katanagatari)
  • BGM: Tomb Raider OST