This week Amuro and Jrow are joined by Mitsugi from the AAA Podcast to discuss the latest Ghibli movie Kaze Tachinu: The Wind Rises and have an overall discussion about other Studio Ghibli movies.

Guest: Mitsugi (AAA Podcast@AAAPodcast)


  • Microsoft will allow for any Xbox One to be used as a development kit
  • Injustice to get Martian Manhunter as a DLC character
  • Only 27% of Ouya owners have bought a game for it
  • Kyousogiga to get an anime series this fall
  • Initial D to get a movie and a “Final Stage” anime series
  • Google releases a new Nexus 7 & Chromecast


  • Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises
  • Ghibli Discussion – Favorite movies and more


  • The Ghibli Set by DAISHI DANCE (Download)