Super Seisyun Brothers
Comedy, Slice of Life
AIC Plus+

This is a slice of life comedy about a pair of older sisters and younger brothers… At first glance it doesn’t do much for me, but I don’t know, it kind of grew on me as I wrote this preview. Shoujo comedies aren’t terribly common without them having some kind of romantic element to them, so I So I kind of wonder how this will turn out. In the end it’ll be all about whether or not it can make me laugh. I plan on checking it out and I’ll give it a few episodes if the first one amuses me. I always love a good comedy.

Diabolik Lovers
Romance, Supernatural

Take Uta no Prince Sama 2000%, make it darker in design and turn all the good looking boys into vampires and out would come Diabolik Lovers. While that comparison is mostly of humorous nature and the otome games are developed by different studios, the female lead Komori Yui, much like Nanami Haruka from 2000%, has eyes that really stand out with a light pink and a noticeable pattern.

Action, Scifi

Coppelion has been an anime series I’ve been familiar with since Fall 2011, so this series has been stewing for a little while now and is set to air from GoHands, the same team that worked on “K” last year, and that’s where my interest lies most in this manga-to-anime adaptation. Nobody can deny that K had rock-solid animation and that’s what I see from the preview and expect from Coppelion. While K was a clean & futuristic city, Coppelion’s is post-apocalyptic as 90% of Japan’s population was decimated by a tragedy (would explain why the anime was delayed, actually) and in spots vegetation seems to have taken over buildings and such. The series also appears to approach the story from a military viewpoint with biologically engineered schoolgirls that fight to save what’s left of Tokyo. It only has to be fun and good-looking to keep me entertained, which I’m sure GoHands can do at least that much for me.

Fantasy, Action
Toei Animation

Kyousogiga is almost like a minor league ball player working up the ranks. It started with an ONA in 2011 which was animated well enough, but the video quality of most ONAs are never really good; then it got a 5-episode OVA series last August and now we’ve made it to this point where it’s being aired as a full-fledged, 13-episode TV series. Perhaps it’s time to see the real potential of this series from a visual standpoint. To get an idea of the story, think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Kill la Kill
Action, Suspense

This Fall season is going to be big, but this show is definitely one to keep an eye on. With the creative team from Gurren Lagan working together, it’s easily one of my most anticipated shows of the season, even if there’s no galaxy sized robots in sight. The plot summary of “a girl transferring in and fighting the evil student council to learn the circumstances of her father’s death, all while being aided by a talking sailor uniform” seems like the kind of craziness this group of minds would come up with, and already what animation I’ve seen for it looks damn great. I can’t wait to see it.

Kyoukai no Kanata
Fantasy, Supernatural
Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation has made a business of animating Light Novels and they are at it again. This is a supernatural fantasy series about a Half-Human Half-Youmi boy who is invulnerable due to his fast healing abilities and a girl who has been shunned by others due to her power to manipulate blood. Not only does it look to have a big romantic element to it, it screams awesome action scenes. KyotoAni hasn’t done very many action series, but when they mix action into shows like Chu2Koi and Haruhi, they do it pretty damn well.. I’d even consider them one of the best, if not the best, in the industry. This series hits high on my list of awesome new anime for the fall.

Nagi no Asukara
Fantasy, Drama
P.A. Works

PA Works has produced some good anime and when I read about this one, I must admit I was a bit intrigued. This series is about two childhood friends who encounter people who live in a village under the sea and befriend them. I don’t think Arthur Curry is going show up, but it does sound like a solid anime. I tend to like PA Works anime because of their strong leading characters, but in this anime main character looks a bit annoying because she is described as a “cry baby.” I hope that the more fantastical elements of the story shine and there is great character development because of it. If it can accomplish that, then I’ll get over any annoyances the main character has.