In this special edition of the Anivision Podcast the hosts gather to take an in depth look into the last 6 years of console gaming as the current generation comes to a close.


  • Our Consoles of this Generation
    • How, when, and which console did we get to start the generation?
    • Which consoles have we owned?
    • How many have died on us?
    • Did we upgrade to newer models when they came out?
  • Individual Top 10 Overall Console Games
  • Most Underrated Games of the Generation
  • Favorite DLC
  • The Next Level of Gaming
    • Have we reached a new plateau for gaming?
    • Was 2007-2008 the last time we hit a new level of gaming?
    • Should reviewers change the way they score?
    • Is it unfair for us to start expecting more from developers?
    • What standards do we want to start seeing from our games?
  • Which console won generation 7?


  • Rayman Legends OST