Seitokai Yakuindomo*
Comedy, Slice of Life

Another sequel I’m absolutely ready for. After a criminally short first season, followed by agonizing waits between OVA episodes, we’re finally getting a real second season. GoHands, a studio known for some impressive animation, will be handling this once again. This time it looks like the level of quality in the animation has taken a big leap. However, the animation isn’t why I’m here. It’s the raunchy comedy, of course. There’s really not much to say, other than make sure to watch both PVs. Both feature some hilarious narration by main lead Tsuda as he does his classic Tsukomi routine while narrating. January 4th can’t come fast enough.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual
Comedy, Supernatural
Project No. 9

Little sister moe banzai!! So anyway, the premise of this is kinda ridiculous, with a ghost girl possessing main girl Mitsuki in order to fall in love with Mitsuki’s older step-brother so she can pass. BUT I DON’T CARE. Did you see that trailer!? ALL OF MY WANT. Want info on staff or the studio? Don’t look at me, click on those links or something. I’ll be getting my body ready.

Space Dandy
Scifi, Action

Space Dandy is probably the one anime almost all of us know about and it is one of the most anticipated of the season. Having it simulcast with a dub is pretty exciting too. I definitely plan on catching the dub because I want to support more of this kind of simulcasting. Having the guys that brought us Cowboy Bebop join up with BONES is also very interesting. BONES has been producing more questionable stuff in the last few years, but they still are a top notch studio, so knowing that they have good people on the project makes it more exciting.

Scifi, Action

When I watched Devil Survivor 2, Bridge’s animation style bothered me with its primarily dark palette, and based off of that, it looks like I should stay away from Nobunagun as it too looks to have a lot of dark scenery with magic and weaponry being a primary source of light. Unlike past series where the Nobunaga character was a woman or also this season a man, Nobunaga is actually the gun, which is about as interested in this series as I can get. It brings in the director and screen composers from Sgt. Frog, but I can’t imagine that tipping any scales majorly in favor of Nobunagun.

Witch Craft Works
Supernatural, Comedy
J.C. Staff

This series looks like a dud… I watched the trailer and thought that there was nothing in it that really appealed to me. Romantic-comedies can be a lot of fun and J.C. Staff has certainly produced some good ones, but having it based off of witches and a magic school just really looks kind of lame. We already have Golden Time right now, so I get the feeling that this is being made by their B-Team and I wouldn’t expect much from it.

Supernatural, Action

I’m not quite sure how to feel about this series yet. The premise behind the show is pretty vague. It is your standard fantasy fare with a bit of a twist because one of the characters turns into a weapon. There really isn’t much to latch onto, but it is being produced by BONES and it has one hell of a voice cast. It might prove to be one of the more interesting series this season, but I won’t expect a lot from it until I can see some of the action and comedy. If it can make me laugh and kick a little ass, then it should be good.

Buddy Complex
Mecha, Action

So here we have the new Sunrise mecha show, so you know I’m going to be all over this one. Just looking at the trailer, this looks like a return to form for 2D mecha on the small screen, after 2013’s Gargantia, Valvrave, and Majestic Prince all featured 3DCG robots. The mechanical design looks interesting from what little I’ve seen, but there’s not much to say about the plot so far. If the title is any indication, the story will revolve around the two main guys, Aoba Watase and Dio, and their friendship as they fight against the Great Zogiria Republic. I’m also interested to find out what’s up with Watase’s classmate Hina, as she seems to be the one that gets Watase wrapped up in all of this before disappearing herself. Anyway, the staff is not much to write home about, but I’m giving this the benefit of doubt for being a Sunrise show. Hopefully it won’t be the mixed bag that Valvrave was.