Majin Bone
Game, Shounen
Toei Animation

Another shitty looking show based on a children’s collectible game. Despite this airing on April 1st, it is no joke. As much as I wish it was…

Blade & Soul
Action, Adventure

Almost all anime adapted from games suck. So you take a look at something like this, which comes from a Korean MMORPG, and you think that it inevitably will suck too. However, if you are a guy, you then start to notice all the big chesty girls in tight clothing wielding big weapons. The wrong part of your brain starts up and you think it could have some potential. You watch it and stick with it, but in the end you feel like you just wasted your time… So what do I think about this anime? Maybe it won’t be that bad.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Comedy, Romance
Brain’s Base

A Brain’s Base rom-com that, after previewing the manga, I’m pretty interested in seeing animated. The story follows Usa when he moves into an apartment with a pervert he saw on the street and a girl who he falls for. Hijinx and romance are sure to ensue from there. The bit I previewed of the story showed some elements that appeal to me in rom-com series, like the jokester Sumiko-kun and the overall light-hearted nature of the first few chapters along with nice art from Brain’s Base. What’s unusual is the character design for Ritsu; a girl with noticeably dark hair in the manga appears in the anime as a brunette with a slightly different hairstyle. Personally I found her manga design more appealing, but she also looks fine as Brain’s Base designed her.

Akuma no Riddle
Action, Romance

I believe the English translation of the title is “Lesbian Assassins.” If you watched Sakura Trick and wished there was action in it, then this is the anime for you! In all seriousness, this show just looks terrible. I’m sure there will be a few people that will think this is amazing, but I am not really into yuri or school girl assassins, so I’ll be ignoring this.

Selector Infected WIXOSS
Psychological, Scifi
J.C. Staff

What WIXOSS even means I don’t know, but J.C. working on a psychological series with a great trailer that shows off nicely designed characters by Sakai Kyuuta and a perhaps dark nature might have the makings of one of those shows that everybody could be talking about during the Spring season. Mari Okada is penning this original work, and she has a reputation for being hit or miss with a remains-to-be-seen dosage of melodrama that can make people critical of the series she’s done writing composition for.

Dragonar Academy
Fantasy, Action

Can you imagine my immense disappointment when I found out this has nothing to do with the other Dragonar? Man, just revel in that 80’s era Obari OP animation greatness. You back with me? Now let’s dive head first into the shallow waters of this fantasy story with boobs, dragons, and dragons with boobs.

Daimidaler the Sound Robot
Action, Comedy

The same staff and studio that brought us the great High School DxD is adapting this Asaki Nakama manga about a boy who has Hi-ERo particles needed to operate mechs. Sounds similar to Issei from DxD, right? Yoko Hikasa is even voicing the lead female character in it, so the similarities are aplenty to get a DxD fan like myself very interested in this series. The ecchi quotient is expected to be high and I’m unsure if the mecha action will be good enough to bring in that particular fanbase, but I think it’s safe to say that this guy is excited for Daimidaler.

Mushishi Zoku Shou
Supernatural, Mystery

Mushishi was one of the best anime to air in the last decade. If you think I am over hyping it, then I don’t think you’ve actually seen it. It is heartbreaking, mysterious, and just one of the most interesting shows around. The latest OVA just rekindled my love for the show and with a season 2 this soon, I don’t think I could’ve asked for more. I highly recommend you watch season 1 if you haven’t yet. For those who have, but have maybe forgotten, I don’t think it is necessary to go back and rewatch it. Mushishi is a highly episodic adventure and despite maybe not remembering some of the characters, you’ll probably get along just fine.