This week the Anivision hosts gather at the HQ to celebrate their 200th episode, they give their impressions on Transistor, they review Nisekoi, and they talk about Animazement 2014.


  • Google rumored to acquire Twitch for $1 billion
  • Child of Light coming to the Vita on July 1st
  • Evolve coming to PC, PS4 & Xbox One October 21st
  • Xbox One’s June update to include auto sign-in, external storage and real name support
  • Yowamushi Pedal’s 2nd season to premiere in October


  • Transistor Impressions
  • Nisekoi Review
  • Animazement 2014


  • Ending: “We All Become” by Darren Korb (Transistor)
  • BGM: Transistor Original Soundtrack

Unboxing Video

Animazement Loot Pictures