Bakumatsu Rock
Music, Adventure

This series is fujoshi-looking and weird, but the concept is at least interesting to read. The story’s setting is the Bakumatsu Period, but instead of the pretty boys holding swords and such, they’re holding guitars and making rock music while The Man is trying to hold them down by brainwashing them with Heavenly Songs. While the anime looks outside of mine and most guy’s wheelhouses (and to be quite frank, just not that good), maybe the OST will be worth a listen since Kishou Taniyama, the lead singer of GRANRODEO, has been casted as the main character.

Slice of Life, Romance
P.A. Works

If I were to tell you this anime was about a girl who wants to be a glass artisan for a living and she lives in a small seaside town, then you would probably guess this was a P.A. Works anime and you’d be right. This definitely gives off vibes similar to Tari Tari and Hanasaku Iroha, both of which were anime that I liked to some degree when they started, but was just barely able to finish. Maybe I’m a bit of a masochist or I’m just too damn optimistic, but I’ll be giving this one a try too. At their worst, both Tari Tari and Hanasaku Iroha had some really good characters that were fun to watch. So as long as the cast is good, this show should have something decent to offer.

Free! Eternal Summer
Sports, Slice of Life
Kyoto Animation

When Free aired last summer it got a lot more hate than it dissevered. I’m not going to say that it was a really good anime… At best it was entertaining. It was pretty much just a sports anime animated by one of the most premier studios around. So if you like sports anime, Free was pretty good. I enjoyed the first season enough to at least be interested in season 2. I am not expecting much from it, just something to entertain me for 20 minutes every week. I am hoping to see Miho-sensei in a bikini this season. I wanted to take her when we did the harem draft with Metanorn, but sadly Free doesn’t even classify as a reverse harem. 🙁

Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen
Sci-fi, Action

I’m not quite sure what to make of this show quite yet. There isn’t a lot of information out in English, but from what I have read the description pretty much falls in line with 90% of the mecha anime out there. Normally I’d pass this off to someone more experience, but I made the mistake of telling Amuro that he should pick this one… Amuro immediately swore off the series because heaven forbid anyone tell him to do something. In all seriousness, there isn’t much to be excited about, but there isn’t much to hate on yet. It is the kind of thing we are just going to have to sit down and watch the first episode before we decide if it is bad or not.

Rail Wars!
Action, Adventure

A “dream railway paradise entertainment” where Japan did not privatize its national railways while an extremist group known as “RJ” (reversed, that’s JR Group) wants to privatize them; left-leaning enough? This LN series is being adapted by Passione (Haitai Nanafa), and while the plot is of a unique subject matter and the animation in the trailer looks pretty good, I’m curious if the overall execution of the show will be good enough to keep me on board.

Tokyo Ghoul
Action, Horror
Studio Pierrot

I’ll be honest with you, I picked this show because I had picked Tokyo ESP and thought I might as well take the other “Tokyo” show. This show is show about a regular college student that ends up becoming a Ghoul and is thrown into a dark paranormal war. Reading about what the show is about didn’t really do much for me. The trailer did give me some hope that it could have some great action in it, but seeing how violent it is going to be I get the feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of dark and light bars. I’ll give the first episode a chance to draw me in, but I don’t have much hope that it will.

Comedy, Seinen

Why do I even watch anime anymore?

Sword Art Online II
Action, Adventure
A-1 Pictures

I might not be the best person covering this show because I my excitement over the last series waned quite a bit as it went on. The first part of Sword Art was pretty great, while the second part felt largely unnecessary at times. Even with all that said, I still find myself interested in the sequel. The world of Sword Art is very well done, which leaves it open for some pretty cool ideas. I did like like the fantasy setting of the first series a lot, so I’m a little putt off by this more modern gun game scenario. Maybe I’m just less excited because Log Horizon season 2 is coming out in fall and when it comes to MMORPG anime, that one has more of my attention right now.

Space Dandy 2
Sci-fi, Comedy

After a couple episodes of Dandy, we got a clear sense of what kind of show Space Dandy would be. While theories of alternate universes can be presented with good evidence, each episode of the first season was its own story where Shinichiro Watanabe brought in directors and animators and let their imaginations be on full display. It’s why each episode felt unique and why I felt the show stayed fresh and fun throughout, and a reason why Watanabe is able to also direct Zankyou no Terror this season. We technically get a double dose of Watanabe this season, and I think that’s a win.

Comedy, Action
Pierrot Plus

Cute girls running around and playing survival games. To be honest, this doesn’t sound very interesting. Also, I feel like it’s been done before with that Stella C3 or whatever show. Moving on.

Sengoku Basara Judge End
Action, Adventure
Telecom Animation Film

I’m sure you all reading this know that this is the most popular of all these series that depict the Warring States period, aimed at guys or girls. Chiaki Ishikawa is doing a theme song for the show, and while I won’t be watching, I really like her theme songs and look forward to hearing what she has prepared for Judge End. That’s not really a thought on the show, but it’s more Sengoku Basara and I think that’s all that needs to be written.