This week the Anivision host talk about some of the news coming out of TGS, Amuro and steev discuss their completed challenges, they talk about their favorite Super Smash Brothers characters, and which new characters they are most excited about.


  • PS4 outsold Xbox One 2:1 last week in the UK due to Destiny
  • Sony signs a deal with Viacom to stream 20+ channels to PlayStation
  • A new FFXV trailer was shown at TGS
  • Bloodborne will release on February 6th in the US
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 to be episodic, coming in 2015
  • Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul will air in January
  • ufotable is going to make a God Eater anime


  • Completed Challenges:
    • Amuro: Kino’s Journey
    • steev: Gunbuster
  • Top 3 Favorite Smash Characters
    • Top New Character you are interested in