The Anivision Podcast is back, and the hosts (minus steev) present their favorites from anime and video games in 2014, and also plans for the podcast going forward.

2015 Resolutions

  • Jrow: To finish the following: Persona 4 Golden, Halo MC Collection, GTA V, Tales from the Borderlands, Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, Gundam Build Fighters S1
  • Xcom: Play through the Metal Gear solid series/ watch space bros
  • steev: To only watch anime I plan on finishing.
  • Amuro: Play and finish FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns, Platinum Tales of Xillia

Anime Awards

  • Jrow: Why Did This Get Made?
  • Xcom: Anime you feel you shouldn’t have enjoyed (but did).
  • steev: Anime Most Deserving of a Sequel
  • Amuro: Anime world you’d most want to be a part of
  • Top 5 Best Anime of 2014

Video Game Awards

  • Jrow: The Best Free Game (via Plus or Gold) You Played
  • Xcom: Game we sunk the most time into.
  • steev: Best Game You Didn’t Play
  • Amuro: Personal Gaming Device MVP
  • Top 5 Best Video Games of 2014


  • OP: “Extra Magic Hour” by Akino with bless4 from Amagi Brilliant Park
  • ED: “Ano Hero to” Bokura ni Tsuite” by Merengue from Ping Pong the Animation