Instead of a normal full preview, we at Anivision have decided to just realease an Anime Highlights Preview. We take the anime we are most interested in talking about from the upcoming season, whether it be excitement or disgust, and write up our thoughts on them.

Action, Drama

I’m not really sure what to think of Gangsta yet.. The show is about two “handymen” that do tasks that no one else is willing to do, which is a premise that is almost overused. I am sure there is more to it, but the only reason I have any true interest in the show is because it is being made by Manglobe and they have produced some of the best anime of all time. Admittedly, they haven’t been doing much lately, but this series does have that vibe of some of their early works like Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, and Michiko to Hacchin. One thing I am kind of digging is the fact that both the main male characters are in their 30’s. That might not sound like much, but most anime seem to be about the young, so having older characters like that make this show stand out. Still I don’t have much to go on, the major staff do have a few notable works, but no one really stands out.

Aquarion Logos
Action, Scifi

As much as Logos is a new series, it’s more a celebration of 10 years of Aquarion, which is kind of unique considering how the franchise isn’t really top-of-mind when you think about the genre it’s in. It kind of makes it feel like anything can have an anniversary and come off as successful so long as it’s relevant. Aquarium’s formula is one that appears not to take itself too seriously and go over-the-top of transformations, but we know is calculated and has turned out two series (Sousei no & Evol) that are looked at fondly because they were simply fun watches, Evol being much better than Sousei. It doesn’t appear that many personnel from the previous series are involved in Logos, most notable Kawamori Shoji, a director on Sousei and Evol.

Durarara!!x2 Ten
Action, Supernatural

Drrr left us hyped for Ten as things started boiling in Ikebukuro. The closing scene with Izaya and the scene previous to that with Ryugamine starting to take the bull by the horns were great cliffhangers, but only great because we’ve been assured of more Drrr for a while and not left to wonder when or if a sequel series would be made. DrrrX2’s production isn’t entirely to the same standards as the original Drrr by Brain’s Base, but in the overall it’s most important that, at minimum the production quality stays consistent and doesn’t become a hindrance to the story. DrrrX2 inserted its new characters for the most part very nicely, creating a new set of personalities for us to draw interest in outside of Celty, Shizou, etc.

God Eater
Action, Fantasy

This is the anime that I am most conflicted about. If you played the game, then you are probably more excited than anyone, but I haven’t. I’ve heard quite a bit about the game, but the one thinbg I focus on is Ufotable. Ufotable has taken the lead of making kickass anime lately. The Fate franchise has been put in good hands. So the question is, will God Eater deliver too? Normally I’d give them the benifit of the doubt, but the animation style is what has got me. They litterally are trying to make it look like the game. It is a bold choice that might pay off, but I am not too sure. One of the reason the Fate series has been so good is the animation of the action scenes, and while I know they also use CG in them, they just don’t look quite that CG. No doubt this is going to be one of the shows people are ethier going to love or hate this season.

Comedy, Slice of Life
A-1 Pictures

Here we are at the third and presumably final season of working. Working, aka Wagnaria, and its cousin Servant x Service are particularly special to me because they are anime that take us out of the overplayed high school setting and give us a workplace comedy. Sure there is still some high school kids involved, but the cast is comprised of a varied group from different ages, and the dynamics between all of them is the key to the comedy. The day to day antics of the group are fun to watch, but we also want to see what becomes of the many relationships. Will Mahiru get over her androphobia and stop hitting Souta? Will Yachiyo ever realize that Jun has feelings for her? Will Poplar ever stop being short? I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight
Action, Fantasy
Tatsunoko Production

Gatchaman was a show that caught most of us at Anivision off guard back when it aired in 2013. It really was a great anime that, well, had a not so great ending. Even if the ending lacked, the sequel is something I am excited about. The main attraction to the show are the characters and I am definitely looking forward to seeing them some more. I just hope season 2 has a better ending. This is a sequel, so most of us that are interested know what this is, but if you didn’t watch season 1, you really should take the time check it out. You might just get surprised like the rest of us. I am even going to link the trailer in this preview so the people that haven’t seen it can get an impression of what the show is like.