K: Return of Kings
Action, Adventure

K is back, but I wonder if it just isn’t riding any momentum from the movie and the first season to get people all excited about it the way people were when season 1 came out. K did some cool things with the design and that was the initial interest in S1, but now that we have an idea of what to expect, can K bring enough to the table to make watching a second season fun?

Noragami Aragoto
Supernatural, Action

The first season of Noragami was quite good. The characters were appealing and the action was fantastic. It wasn’t BONES best anime, but it was a solid series that provided a lot of entertainment, which is why I am excited that a second season is here. Apparently there were some OVAs released that I didn’t know about, but they are side stories. I plan on catching them soon, but it seems like you don’t have to watch them to start season 2. If you haven’t watched the first season, then I do recommend it. It’ll only take a few hours and if you like to laugh and enjoy a good fight scene, then you won’t be disappointed.

Supernatural, Comedy

As the monogatari series continue on without the release of Kizumono, my interest and fascination with the series seems to dwindle with each release. While I agreed with the idea to release them in pseudo-movie formats in recent releases, I think the series should shift back to a TV release when appropriate.

Haikyuu!! 2
Sports, Shounen
Production I.G

I really enjoyed Haikyuu’s first season and am happy that we are getting more. The matches were very riveting and exciting, and I loved watching the team grow together and Hinata becoming a recognizable presence on the court. There isn’t anything from season 1 to hype for season 2 besides just more; it’ll be the continued journey of these volleyball players for those who enjoyed the action and characters last season. Sports anime, regardless of your sports fandom level, can be a good time. Give anime like this, Baby Steps, Kuroko no Basuke and others a chance as they always have nice character stories.