This week the Anivision Hosts look at the latest Sony news, Amuro gives his impressions on the Boruto movie, they give their thoughts on Halo 5 Gaurdians, and steev talks about the Xbox Elite Controller and Black Ops 3.

*Note from steev: Sorry for it being late.. Would have a better excuse, but honestly video games got in the way.


  • Sony news from Paris
    • Housemarque (Super Stardust Delta, Resogun) working on new game called Matterfall
    • Uncharted 4 MP beta to run from December 4-13
    • Tekken 7 announced for PS4
    • Playstation VR games like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood shown off
    • No Man’s Sky given a June 2016 release
    • Battleborne open beta will be early 2016 on PS4
    • David Cage (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) working on new game called Detroit
  • Harmonix employees caught reviewing Rock Band 4 on Amazon (GamesIndustry)
  • New Xbox One dashboard and 360 compatibility coming November 12 (Polygon)
  • Full Metal Panic! to get a new anime (ANN)
  • Hibike Euphonium to get a compilation film and 2nd season
  • Working!!! to have 1-hour finale episode air on December 26
  • JoJo part 4 announced (Announcement Video)


  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie
  • Xbox One Elite Controller
  • Halo 5 Guardians impressions
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3