Note: Sorry for the Audio Quality. We will get it right next time we record.

This week the Anivision hosts talk about PlayStation VR, they discuss the latest news about Final Fantasy XV, and they wrap up the Winter 2016 Anime Season.


  • Playstation VR coming in October for $399 (technically $460 with PS Eye sold separately)
    • Sony setting strict restriction of 60 FPS, will not certify game if it falls below that
  • Sources reporting a possible PS4.5 with increased GPU power and 4K res
  • Microsoft announces cross-platform play
  • Overwatch removes Tracer’s “over the shoulder” victory pose after fan complaint on forums
  • Final Fantasy XV news
  • Hunter x Hunter manga set to return on April 18th
  • Anime sequel announcements
    • New season of FLCL
    • Season 2 of KonaSuba
    • Season 2 of Luck & Logic
    • Season 2 of Gundam IBO
    • Season 3 of Haikyuu
    • Season 5 of Natsume Yuujinchou


  • Winter ‘16 Anime
    • KonoSuba
    • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 
    • Dimension W
    • Gate 2
    • Durarara X2 Ketsu
    • Erased
    • Phantom World
    • Galko-chan
    • Osomatsu-san
  • Other Ending
    • Gintama
    • Haikyuu!! 2
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans