This week the Anivision hosts discuss the Final Fantasy XV delay, Xcom gets banned from Pokemon Go, they give their impressions on No Man’s Sky, and they talk about Mob Psycho 100, Twin Star Exorcists, Orange, 91 Days, Food Wars, Sweetness & Lightning, and Taboo Tattoo.


  • Final Fantasy XV delayed to November 29th
    • Once again, fans outraged at Kotaku & Gamnesia (originally reported) for the delay news
    • Game had gone gold, but Square Enix wanted what would have been the Day 1 patch to be in the final gold master of the game
    • More stuff to be included in final game on top of Day 1 patch stuff
  • Playstation Neo expected to be announced officially in September
  • Playstation 4 4.0 update to update the UI and add custom user profiles (Blog)
  • Microsoft says that Xbox Scorpio will bring an end to console generations for Microsoft
  • Konami working on Metal Gear Survive
    • 4-player co-op game
    • Set in an alternate timeline after MGSV: Ground Zeroes
    • Zombified enemies
  • Niantic issues Pokemon Go bans
  • Kizumonogatari: Nekketsu-hen coming to US theaters in October ‘16


  • No Man’s Sky (Jrow, Xcom)
  • Anime Revolver
    • Jrow – Mob Psycho 100
    • Xcom – Twin Star Exorcists
    • steev – Orange / 91 Days
    • Amuro – Food Wars S2
  • Honorable Mention: Sweetness and Lightning
  • Dishonorable Mention: Taboo Tattoo


  • Ending: “Signal” by TK (91 Days)
  • BGM: One Punch Man OST