The Anivision hosts open up some Christmas gifts and give awards to their favorite anime and games of 2016.

steev apologizes for the poor audio.. He forgot to turn on his mic.

2016 New Years Resolution – Did We Resolute Them?

  • Jrow: Watch Tokyo Ghoul/Sequel, Monster Musume, F/SN UBW, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, get english release of DOA X3, Sherpa a completely fresh group through King’s Fall
  • Xcom: Play less Destiny
  • steev: Finish MGS5 and Play Black Ops 3 Campaign
  • Amuro: Play 13-2 / Lightning returns before FFXV, Play MGS5/Ground Zeroes

2016 Anime Awards

  • Jrow: Favorite scene of year
  • Xcom: Honorable mention
  • steev: Favorite story arc of 2016
  • Amuro: Favorite OP
  • Top 5 Best Anime of 2016


  • Waifu of 2016 (anime OR game)

2016 Video Games Awards

  • Jrow: The Chillest of Games
  • Xcom: Honorable mention
  • steev: Biggest disappointment of 2016
  • Amuro: Biggest Time Sink
  • Top 5 Best Video Games of 2016