On this episode of the Anivision Podcast we talk about shady GameStop practices, we discuss the latest games we are playing, and we finally dig into the full Nintendo Switch reveal.


  • GameStop’s “Circle of Life” program ends up making employees feel the need to lie about new items not being in stock to push pre-owned sales (GameStop)
    • Employees asked to reach a COL score of at least 75% between new games, pre-owned, etc.
    • Big game release weeks could screw over employees if they sell too many new games
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake News
    • Yoshinori Kitase says that they are still working on the stuff in the trailer
    • Also states that there could be significant gaps between episodic content and not all of the game might be develop
  • Overwatch bans thousands of Korean hackers (Polygon)
  • PS4 update 4.50 includes external HDD support, custom wallpapers and more (PS Blog)
  • My Hero Academia 2’s first episode (airing March 25th) will be a recap of S1
  • Beer commercial animated by Trigger pulled from airing (ANN)


  • Nintendo Switch
    • Must use a Smartphone app to party up and communicate online
    • Will also give away monthly free games
    • 1-2-Switch – March 3
      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – March 3
      Skylanders Imaginators – March 3
      Just Dance 2017 – March 3
      Super Bomberman R – March 3
      Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ – March 3
      I Am Setsuna – March 3
      World of Goo – March 3
      Little Inferno – March 3
      Human Resource Machine – March 3
    • $299 coming out 3/3/17
    • Overpriced accessories
    • 3-6 hours depending on what game you’re playing
    • Motion sensors in joycons
    • 32gb internal storage & micro SD expansion
    • Nintendo will have an online subscription service for $30 a year
    • Nintendo only has a few launch titles, but promises to have steady release of games instead of a lot at launch
    • After Breath of the Wild no more games for Wii U
  • What have we been playing?


  • Ending: “Itteki no Eikyou” by UVERworld (Blue Exorcist 2)
  • BGM: Alderamin of the Sky OST 2