This week the Anivision hosts talk about the Zelda DLC, give their thoughts on the 2DS XL, lament over the loss of Nyaa, review Persona 5, and they give their final impressions on Scum’s Wish, KonoSuba 2, and ACCA 13.


  • Darksiders 3 listed on Amazon, play as Fury (Amazon)
  • Master Chief to be only playable character in Halo 6 (WCCF Tech)
  • Atlus loosens streaming restrictions on Persona 5 (Atlus)
  • D.Va coming to Heroes of the Storm, HotS 2.0 event begins (Kotaku)
  • Zelda: BotW’s first DLC content revealed as The Master Trials due in Summer
    • Hard mode with enemies having gradual health regeneration, increased ranks, and bonus treasures from enemies in air floating platforms
    • Hero’s Path feature which tracks Link’s footsteps on the world map for up to 200 hours
    • Trial of the Sword horde-mode with up to 45 rooms, reward being an always powered-up Master Sword in the main game
    • New equipment featuring armor giving a nod to previous games, a Korok mask making seed-fining easier and a Travel Medallion that creates a fast-travel point anywhere on map
  • Nintendo reveals the 2DS XL
    • $149.99
  • Amazon’s Anime Strike now offers downloads for offline viewing (ANN)
  • Nyaa Torrents goes down (TorrentFreak)


  • What are you play’n?
  • The Lost Winter 2017 Anime Discussion
    • Scum’s Wish
    • Konosuba
    • Acca 13


  • Ending: “Moon River” by fHana (Eccentric Family 2)
  • BGM: Nier Automata OST CD 1