Fosh is joined by Jrow & steev as they discuss Gamers, New Game!!, Knights & Magic and Boruto. They also discuss the live action Death Note movie on Netflix and thoughts on the process of adapting anime series for American audiences.


  • Fist of the North Star game ANN
  • Live-Action Death Note Director Wingard Discusses Possible Sequels ANN
  • A Silent Voice Anime Film Opens in U.S. on October 20 ANN
  • Aniplex USA to Screen 1st Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Film in U.S ANN

Anime Discussion

  • Gamers
  • New Game!!
  • Knight’s & Magic
  • Boruto


  • Death Note – Netflix movie discussion
  • Adapting/Americanizing anime series


  • Intro: “The World” by Nightmare from Death Note
  • Topic Intermission: “L’s Theme” by Yoshihisa Hirano from Death Note
  • Outro: “Alumina” by Nightmare from Death Note