This week Jrow and Xcom talk about Nintendo increasing production on their classic systems, they discuss Campo Santo taking on the Pewds, and they give their spoiler free review of Destiny 2.


  • Nintendo bringing back the NES Classic in 2018, will increase production of SNES Classic (Kotaku)
    • Also reveal arcade archives coming September 27th
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Order and Doom coming to Nintendo Switch (Polygon)
  • Leak: Dragon’s Crown Pro coming to PS4 (Kotaku)
  • Campo Santo (Firewatch) files DMCA takedown on Pewdiepie’s Firewatch vids after racist slur was used in a Playerunknown’s Battleground video (Ars Technica)


  • Destiny 2


  • Destiny 2 OST
  • “Peace Sign” by Yonezu Kenshi (My Hero Academy)