This week the Anivision hosts talk about Nintendo’s stream ban and they wrap-up the Spring and Summer Anime Seasons.


  • Nintendo Bans Livestreaming from anyone in the Nintendo Creators Club on YouTube
  • The innards of the SNES Classic is a NES Classic
  • Sony announces a PlayStation Visa credit card.
  • Season 3 of My Hero Academy was announced, no date.
  • Index s3 in 2018 (ANN) and a new “To Aru” series in the works rumored to be Accelerator’s spinoff (ANN)
  • SAO s3 announced aka Sword Art Online Alternative and a Gun Gale Online spinoff (ANN)


  • Summer Wrap Up
    • Gamers!
    • Classroom of the Elite 
    • Koi to Uso
    • Hajimete no Gal
    • Knight’s and Magic 
    • Tsurezure Children
    • Jigoku Shoujo 4
    • Rin-ne 3
    • Made in the Abyss 
    • New Game!!
    • Kakegurui
  • Spring Wrap Up
    • Re:Creators
    • My Hero Academia


  • My Hero Academy 2 OST
  • “Sayonara Moon Town” by Scenario Art (Boruto)