This week the Anivision hosts talk about the news for Nintedo Switch’s online service, Amuro gives his impressions on Celeste and Monster Hunter World, they discuss The Overwatch League, name their Waifu of the season, and do a round of Anime Revolver.


  • Nintendo Switch’s online service will launch in September (Kotaku)
    • $20/year
    • Short term plans include 1 month for $4, 3 months for $8
  • Mario Kart smartphone game in development (Polygon)
    • Expected by fiscal year ending in March 2019
  • Red Dead Redemption delayed to October 26th (Kotaku)
  • Bungie lays out roadmap for Destiny 2 (Polygon)
  • EVO reveals lineup for 2018 tournament (Polygon)
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ makes its debut
    • First time since 2000 a Marvel vs. Capcom game doesn’t make the lineup
  • BREAKING ANIME NEWS: MMO Junkie Director, Kazuyoshi Yaginuma is a Nazi sympathiser (ANN)


  • Bring Your Own Topic
    • Amuro: Celeste & Monster Hunter World impressions
    • steev: Overwatch League
    • Jrow: Waifu of the Season
    • Extra: Anime Revolver
      • Dagashi Kashi 2
      • Violet Evergarden
      • Yuru Camp