This week the Anivision hosts discuss the proposed M rated tax and Loot Box laws introduced in the US, they talk about the games they are currently playing, and they review Black Panther.


  • Rhode Island lawmaker proposes new legislation to tax M rated games by 10% to increase mental health and counseling resources in schools.
  • Hawaii introduced new laws to investigate whether or not loot boxes are gambling and whether or not anyone under 21 should be banned from purchasing them.
    • Activision Blizzard made $4 billion on Loot Boxes in 2017 (GameSpot)
  • Twitch had more viewers in January than CNN and MSNBC (PCGamesN)
    • Twitch averaged 962,000 viewers daily in January
    • MSNBC averaged 885,000 and CNN averaged 783,000
  • Final Fantasy XV to get 4 more DLC episodes through 2019
    • Gordan Freeman Costume crossover on Steam


  • What are you playing?
  • Black Panther Review
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