This week the Anivision hosts back Ninja on his controversial streaming policy, they talk about the Filip Miucin plagiarism, Jrow gives his own original opinions on Dead Cells, and they review the anime movie Flavors of Youth.


  • Ninja won’t stream with female gamers
    • Says he doesn’t want to start any rumors because he is married.
  • Filip Miucin fired from IGN for plagiarism
  • Dark Souls coming to Switch on October 19th
  • Spyro collection delayed till November
    • Sources claim that developer convinced Activision to delay release to fit the whole game on the disc.
  • Diablo 3 coming to Switch later this year
  • Gundam NT teaser streamed showing November premier for Japan (Youtube)
  • Anime industry reaches record high income with 200 billion yen (ANN)


  • Dead Cells
  • Flavors of Youth