Jrow and Amuro discuss the latest news in anime and gaming, Amuro talks about VR and Jrow asks questions about the everyday lives of the Anivision Podcast hosts.


  • PlayStation Classic video on YouTube hit with so many negative comments that Sony disabled commenting.
  • Nintendo ends the Creator Program
  • Chinese game site A9VG censors Winnie the Pooh Bear in Kingdom Hearts III screenshots (Kotaku)
  • Loot boxes to be investigated by FTC (IGN)
  • Anime on Netflix
    • Evangelion
    • Live-Action Cowboy Bebop
  • Marvel shows getting cancelled as Disney set to launch Disney+ streaming service
  • Hunter x Hunter going back on hiatus in December


  • Bring Your Own Topic
    • Amuro: VR
    • Jrow: Daily Lives of Anivision Podcast Boys
    • Pop-up Fall 2019 Anime Discussion


  • Intermission: “Look Up” from Tetris Effect OST Sampler
  • Ending: “Connected [Yours Forever]” from Tetris Effect OST Sampler