The Anivision hosts make some New Years Resolutions and they give awards to some of their favorite anime and video games of 2018!

Resolution(s) for 2019

  • Amuro: Platinum P5, Replay Kingdom Hearts
  • Jrow: Beat RDR2, beat C-Sides in Celeste, see more anime movies in theaters
  • Xcom: Make strike freedom Gunpla, balance home/work/anime/game life better.
  • Steev: Play Competitive in Overwatch on PC and Beat Horizon Zero Dawn and MGS5

2018 Anime Awards

  • Amuro: Best Direction
  • Jrow: Husbando of 2018
  • steev: Worst Ending
  • Xcom: Best Couple
  • Top 10 Best Anime of 2018

Miscellaneous Awards

  • Waifu of 2018

2018 Game Awards

  • Xcom: Favorite Villain
  • steev: Best Open World Map
  • Jrow: Favorite Moment in Games
  • Amuro: Biggest Surprise
  • Top 5 Games of 2018