Jrow, Xcom and Amuro talk about the Bungie/Activision split and Apex Legends news, they review the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, talk some anime, and Jrow sneaks in thoughts on Super Bowl LIII.


  • (Old News) Bungie and Activision split up, Bungie takes sole publishing rights to Destiny franchise (Bungie)
  • Respawn rumored to announce Apex Legends (a Titanfall spinoff) battle-royale game 2/4 (Kotaku)
  • Nintendo restarts development of Metroid Prime 4, hands it off to Retro Studios (Kotaku)
  • Nintendo delays Mario Kart mobile to Summer ‘19, announces Dr. Mario mobile for 2019 (NOA Twitter)
  • Nintendo to make smaller version of Switch, release this year (ANN)
  • Jiren and Videl added to Dragon Ball FighterZ as part of 2nd DLC pass
  • Gen Fukunaga steps down as Funimation GM, will be in chairman role (ANN)


  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly
  • Anime Talk
  • Super Bowl LIII thoughts from Jrow


  • Intermission: “99.9” by Mob Choir from Mob Psycho 100 S2
  • ED: “Blizzard” by Daichi Miura from Dragon Ball Super: Broly