The crew gets together to talk about the Black Widow and Half Life Alyx trailers, give latest thoughts on anime in the Anime Revolver segment, and Amuro shows and talks about his latest Gunpla builds.


  • Black Widow movie in theaters May 1st, 2020 (YT)
  • Half Life: Alyx VR game coming March 2020 (YT)
  • Persona 5 Royal coming stateside on March 31st, 2020 (YT)
  • Twitch Streamer Chipsa joins Philadelphia Fusion in the Overwatch League
  • Quintessential Quintuplets manga to end in Volume 14 (ANN)


  • Anime Revolver x2
    • Jrow – Chihayafuru S3 and F/GO Babylonia
    • Amuro – SAO Alicization and Fire Force
    • Fosh – Hataage! Kemono Michi and Hoshia no Sora
    • Steev – Vinland Saga and My Hero Academia
  • Gunpla Show and Tell with Amuro


  • Intermission: “Colorful” by 99RadioService from Chihayafuru 3
  • Ending: “Take Over” by Lyn from Persona 5 Royal

Amuro’s Gunpla Gallery