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Who We Are:

We are Anivision! A site that has gone through many evolutions over the years, all of which have lead to a Gallery, Social Group, and Podcast. This allows the admins of this site to share their love of Anime and Gaming to the world. The admins are not Gods, just vessels sent out in order to spread the word to all. If you have come here, then that is a sign that you are seeking something more than what you have. Let us share our love with you.

Our Purpose:

To inform, entertain, and preach the love of Anime and Gaming to anyone who joins us here. We seek to share our vast knowledge and experience to everyone through our  Galleries, Social Groups, Season Previews, and Podcast.

Our Mission:

To bring the worlds of Anime and Gaming together. All of us here at Anivision share at least three things in common: we love anime, we love video games, and we want to share our love with you. I would be so bold to say our love for these two things is deeper than the ocean, more vast than the sky, and expands greater than the Universe.

Our Disclaimer:

We are nothing more than an Anime and Gaming website! None of us here have the artistic capability to create anything that we would want to show to the world. If we have offended you in anyway, feel free to contact us and we will do everything in our power to straighten out the issue. All images are copyright to their respective owners.

Our Site:

This site is built off of a heavily modified Twenty-Ten theme. We would like to thank the creators of the various plugins we are using, including, but not limited to: Disqus, Tweet Blender, podPress, PWA+PHP, WP Polls, Meta SEO Pack, and FancyBox! This site works best in Firefox, Safari, and, steev recommended, Chrome. ONLY use IE if you have the latest version! IE 9 is actually a decent browser, but if you use an earlier version many things won’t work nor look properly. Also you’ll make baby Jesus cry! Don’t make baby Jesus cry. Update right now or download Chrome, Safari, and/or Firefox.

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