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May is the month of Max as Rockstar brings an old, grizzled detective back into action in an elsewise not-so-stellar month of gaming. Continue reading


New month, new DLC for us Elite subscribers. The new maps are out and I most say, they are the best of the maps. I feel like I am saying that every month, but what I am seeing is a … Continue reading


April is not an exciting month for video games. The most notable title is the sequel to an open-world action game, Prototype 2. Continue reading


With a new month marks new content drops for Modern Warfare 3! Check out my impressions on the latest multiplayer map Black Box and two brand new Spec Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator! Continue reading


The first great gaming month of 2012 starts off with one of the year’s most anticipated games, sending Commander Shepherd to planet Earth. Continue reading


Today the 3rd piece of DLC has been added to us Call of Duty Elite subscribers on Xbox 360 and since I did the impressions for the last two maps I figured I’d keep doing them. I’ve got to get the most out of my subscription. The third drop is… Continue reading


The PS Vita highlights an interesting lineup of gaming in the month of February. Including Kingdoms of Amalur, The Darkness II, and Jak & Dexter HD Collection! Continue reading


If your an elite subscriber on Xbox 360, then the new maps are out now and this is my impressions on them. Before I get started I do want to mention the new… Continue reading


Was it just me or did anyone else just have multiple¬†orgasms? After watching the trailer we actually get quite a bit of information about 6, which leaves me with a lot of questions. This might very well be the most … Continue reading


Sure, you’re still playing that shiny new game you unwrapped, but 2012 won’t wait for any of us to launch some good games. Continue reading