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This chapter was a bit of an infodump while giving the Strawhats a reason to hurry the hell out of Fishman Island. Continue reading


OP manga coverage is back on Anivision! The Fishman Island arc concludes with an offer and a shocking reveal. (MANGA READERS ONLY) Continue reading


These 3 chapters tie up the mini-arcs involving Shiina/Yukari and the battle with Uzume. Continue reading


There isn’t really a whole lot to talk about this week. Things are finally coming together enough to were next week should probably be the week Luffy and the gang will officially reunite and start heading to Merman island, even if it … Continue reading


One Piece hits the big 600 chapter mark this week, bringing us more of the same that we have come to love and loath over the past few weeks. We get more characters coming together, but still no Luffy getting … Continue reading


[poll id=”6″] Yea, I know it is late, I will blame Franky’s new look and my complete and utter disappointment to it being late. That is the biggest news to come out of this chapter, we finally get to see a … Continue reading


Now that the anime is on a (presumedly) 2-year hiatus, I’m moving on to the Sekirei manga. I had read all of it right before the start of season 2, making comparisons at the conclusion of each episode during the season.. Continue reading


Finally, after the longest month ever we get a look into the new world of One Piece and it looks great! I will say I had my doubts at first, mainly because I looked at the raw, but after reading … Continue reading


So it’s official, there will be a time skip! I honestly thought it would be less than a year, not two years. In fact, two years seems kind of ridiculous in my opinion. They have not even been traveling together … Continue reading


Last week I said I was disappointed in the chapter, but someone reminded me of the rumored time skip that Oda hinted at last year. I never felt good about it when I heard it might happen. I love One Piece and … Continue reading