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The first ending I’ll highlight doesn’t feature a Japanese-based band, but rather a Scottish one. I love when english/american bands have their song feature as a theme. We’ve seen Speed Grapher use Duran Duran and Ergo Proxy used Radiohead for … Continue reading


Ever since the switch to the new site and the new blogging approach, I haven’t yet found a feature to call my own. I’ve had Picture of the Day before, but it doesn’t make sense in this blog format. What could I possibly do? Continue reading


Linkin Park’s latest album, A Thousand Suns, relies on a heavy use of electronics for most of their tracks. This might sound like an LP you’ve never herd before, but due to the influence of Joe Hahn, the use of synthesizers has been influential in their music over the years. Continue reading


The Full video of the Music video “Toumei Datta Sekai” by Motohiro Hata which is the 7th Opening for Naruto: Shippuden. Continue reading