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The yearly Call of Duty game might be something you’ve come to expect and come to loathe, but as a Call of Duty fanboy I must report on anything new coming out. Black Ops 2 is here and it is something no one expected… Continue reading


This July, an anime adaptation of the Light Novel series, Sword Art Online is being released! Continue reading


Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price announced earlier this week that the studio will no longer be making Resistance games in the series. Continue reading


The official PS Blog has just released the full launch line up for the North American release of the PS Vita, along with the all important pricing scheme for the games and accessories. Continue reading


A new trailer and an official episode count for the Black Rock Shooter anime series have been revealed. Continue reading


The latest Persona 4 Anime PV and The Ultimate game play footage straight from the floor of TGS. Continue reading


Amuro summarizes and gives his thoughts on the announcements made during Nintendo’s 3DS Conference in Japan. Continue reading


P4U gets an updated website and an awesome PV. Read on to find out more information and to watch the newly released PV. Continue reading


As if an upcoming anime wasn’t enough, Persona 4 is coming to the Vita in an enhanced port and Arcades as a fighter. Continue reading


It has been announced today that Black Rock Shooter will be getting a TV anime series for the Winter 2012 anime season and will be part of the noitaminA anime programming block. Continue reading